[PD] midi to freq equation

j.dc jdl at xdv.org
Mon Sep 23 18:49:05 CEST 2002

check e.g.

its an mtof wrapper that eats the amount of scale slices per ocatve as
a parameter.

[Mark Khemma]->[[PD] midi to freq equation]->[02-09-23 11:24]

 |Sorry guys/gals
 |I know that this equation has be spout out before, but. . could
 |someone please give me the equation for miditofreq, please?
 |I know it has 2^(1/12) somewhere, but.. .
 |My main reason for wanting to know this is that i'd like to do something
 |like a mtof but the 12 tone equal temperment could be changed to some
 |specific value (eg 13 tone, 76 tone, you get the idea). it would be an
 |interesting way to study different modes (they call it modes right?)
 |anywayz, thanks,
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