[PD] GEM tips

tigital tigital at mac.com
Tue Sep 24 20:15:51 CEST 2002

>Enrique Franco wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>I have a patch with two balls moving but the movement isn't 
>>smooth.....what can I do to optimize the refreshment of the images 
>>and get a smoother movement?

hi enrique,
...kinda hard to figure out what the smooth-lack problem is without 
seeing a patch...

>well, this depends:
>first: do you have a fast graphics card ?
>geforce should be ok.

since it's an ibook, that means it has an ATI card, possibly a rage 
128 mobility...but I wouldn't imagine this to be the problem...

>the example patch 07.texture/04.moveImages.pd is a good starting point.
>if the spheres move smoothly, try optimizing your patch
>if they don't, you might have no hw-acceleration.
>if the XServer (i guess osX is Xserver-based...) eats 99% this is 
>surely the problem.

well, OS X GEM doesn't use XServer, it is setup to use AGL and the 
'aqua'-native windowing system...tho it could be possible now to set 
up a link with the Xserver, because XFree86 is now sporting native 
opengl acceleration...but I haven't tried it, it's probably buggy, 
and apple's windowing system works fine...

>try getting a good card with an appropriate driver.

One can't replace laptop graphics cards, to my knowledge...

>if this patch is ok, you might want to set the refresh-rate of the 
>gemwin with a message like "frame 30" (which gives you 30 fps)
>and of course be sure, that you update your movement accordingly:
>a translation by 1 each second will naturally be more jerky than wee 
>translations of 0.02 each 50ms.
hi IOhannes,
...did you ever open an official GEM CVS repository?  I've got plenty 
of changes to file, all OS X-centric, in addition to the 
projectBuilder project file...Chris Clepper has been helping out a 
bit, and we're wanting to take GEM into YUV processing completely, 
instead of RGB (due to decompressor preferences and the new apple GL 
extension that allows YUV textures...)

whatcha think?


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