[PD] cellular automata with pd

Ben Bogart - FMPM/F1999 bbogart at ryerson.ca
Wed Sep 25 17:15:19 CEST 2002

you could just set up a grad of Gem squares in one plane and send thier 
individual colour values from your CA stuff... simple enough? 


On Wed, 25 Sep 2002, wwcarpen wrote:

> Hello everybody. I've been interested in doing some experiments with cellular 
> automata scpecifically visual but maybe i could journey into different 
> controls for sound and composition as well. I'm interested in starting simple, 
> and then seeing where i could go with it, but i don't know quite where to 
> begin. I'm thinking GEM is what i want to use here for my output. what is the 
> best way
> to set up a grid to have the fill of the blocks alternate their color 
> according to rules? I don't have much expirience with coding so i get hung up 
> on the most effective way to do it. Maybe someone has started a framework like 
> this i could take a look at? Also I'm thinking that maybe there is a simpler 
> way of outputing the graphics, because all I want is 2D for now. I thought 
> about using plain text symbols in the console window but that isnt really 
> elegant enough, and the data structures always seem to get unstable on my 
> machine when the patch becomes complex (i guess this could be poor coding on 
> my part)
> anyway. thanks for any info,
> walter carpenter
> ps, in the time I took attempting to send this message (long, pointless 
> story..) i did find the cellular automata external that comes with maxlib. I 
> think it will help me out a lot, although it still doesnt explain how i should 
> go about setting up a basic array for the visual output.
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