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Akira Abe akiraa181 at yahoo.co.jp
Wed Sep 25 18:33:20 CEST 2002

> Hi List,
> Any hints on where I find the following info?
> On windows platforms does/ can pd use DirectX - 

PD is using PortAudio Library then supported the ASIO.
It could be available for DirectSound without difficulty.
> does/can pd create DirectSound secondary buffer objects and can these
> accessed before they are mixed in the primary (if they are at all) -

PortAudio certainly has implemented the secondary buffers.
If you actually want to access directly them,
you're going to have to write audio programs using the PortAudio API.

> would the usage of DirectSound cause real-time problems? 

Latency under Windows is complex issues(OS versons, API, dirvers, ...).
In the case of Windows 2000, If the audio device has real DirectSound
then DirectSound can often provide better latency than WMME.
But ASIO implementation is generally will give the lowest latency,
so it has become a supported standard by many audio hardware

> am I missing the point of pd?

Don't worry.

> thanks
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