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Wed Sep 25 19:17:34 CEST 2002

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> You can get the amplitude of a wavefile at time intervals with the
> snapshot~ object. Snapshot~ can be triggered by metro (e.g. metro 200 for
> 0.2 msec intervals).
> You can then use the textfile object to store the info in a textfile like
> <add $1 $2> where $1 and $2 are time and amplitude packed with the pack
> object. (Remember to connect to the right inlet of the pack object first
> or add a bang to the left inlet, because the right inlet is "cold" (not
> sending when changed). Otherwise your results will be moved one place down
> the list).
> See the textfile reference for more info on the textfile. For more
> advanced textfile formatting you can try msgfile from the zexy lib.
> Soeren

thanks a lot I'll try this out

I think that should do what I want

thanks again

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