[PD] "intercepting" editing messages?

Adam T. Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Fri Sep 27 12:13:08 CEST 2002


I'm wondering about this myself, but I found a lot of information from a
link sent in another thread, by Damien:

>you can try xgui. It's dedicated to 2D graphics
>=> http://dh7.free.fr

Towards the bottom of the page is documentation on PD-MSG. The docs by
Krzysztof Czaja are very interesting.

What I didn't pick up on yet is where exactly to find that port/pipe to
the pd core...


Josh Steiner said this at Thu, 26 Sep 2002 11:32:44 -0700:

>hello again pd people, does anyone know how/if you can listen to the 
>messages that get sent to the pd object when you do editing on an open 
>pd canvas?  my brother has a really cool project in the works that he 
>needs to do this for, we've poked around a little and havn't seen 
>anything glaringly obvious.
>i'm assuming that this is the way things work:  tcl/tk sends raw 
>controller info over a tcp pipe to the pd core, which then coverts that 
>into pd messages (actions like cut, select, select file menu, etc) ... 
>so, if i'm correct, is there a way to "sniff" those messages and use 
>them for my own neffarious purposes?
>thanks again,
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