[pd] Cellular automata with pd

Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Fri Sep 27 13:48:29 CEST 2002

wwcarpen hat gesagt: // wwcarpen wrote:

> One other thing, since i've been playing with the "obj" msg function to make 
> the patch generate sub patches for me, i've noticed that it's possible to 
> basically make drawings in a window with object box's, or whatever. I think it 
> would be *really* *really* handy if someone could program a quick mod for PD 
> that would place a "pixel" feature in the "Put" menu. That way one could draw 
> with obj messages. 

You could use PD's data structures for this, but unfourtunatly they
are quite a complex topic, that I didn't understand fully yet :(
Read the html-documentation on data structures. 

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