[PD] using other s/w with pd

MLN Kazem, Aerospace Engineering M.Kazem at bristol.ac.uk
Sun Sep 29 20:14:55 CEST 2002

Thanks Tom/Frank/Akira Abe for your replies,

firstly if I find any solution to life as we know it I promise I will 
let you know...
My usage of pd is not music based so I'm sure I would be unwise to go 
down the VST plugin route, the other pieces of s/w that I want to use 
involve C/C++ APIs, interfaces implemented in a very similar way to 
those in the DirectSound API itself, interfaces which support COM 
objects - thus my highly windows restricted application (although it is
promised that COM objects will be portable in the future???)...
... also my resources are limited....so I am trying (I suppose) to use 
functional C/C++ chunks of pd that I can insert into the controlling 
VC++ application. I don't require the GUI part of pd and therefore do 
not want pd to run as is, possibly I could use STK more easily in this
fashion but pd seems to have more of what I require.
It seems to me that through portaudio pd is creating the DirectSound COM
objects, through the API, and once created surely I can use them?

Its Sunday and I am possibly more than a little confused....

thanks again - everything/ anything is a great help

ps how would using Linux help me get a license for ReWire?
pps Jack is interesting, how do I get info on the linux interface?
ppps am I on the wrong list?! (pd-list not pd-dev??)


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