[PD] using other s/w with pd

Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Mon Sep 30 00:25:28 CEST 2002

MLN Kazem, Aerospace Engineering hat gesagt: // MLN Kazem, Aerospace Engineering wrote:

> ... also my resources are limited....so I am trying (I suppose) to use 
> functional C/C++ chunks of pd that I can insert into the controlling 
> VC++ application. I don't require the GUI part of pd and therefore do 
> not want pd to run as is, possibly I could use STK more easily in this
> fashion but pd seems to have more of what I require.

Maybe a library like STK or SndObj is better for this kind of
approach. In my view PD isn't much of a real code library to use in
writing other programs, it's more, that you can use a lot of other
libraries in PD, because PD is a wide open system.

> ps how would using Linux help me get a license for ReWire?

Not at all, there is no ReWire for Linux. But using Linux would very
much free one of worrying about getting licenses for software, because
most of it is Free Software. But as you wrote above, switching to
Linux is not an option.

> pps Jack is interesting, how do I get info on the linux interface?


> ppps am I on the wrong list?! (pd-list not pd-dev??)

Actually yes, but all pd developers also read this list, I'm sure.

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