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Hi all,

thanks for that...could I possibly pester for more info.... I have 
always assumed that developing the bones of a dsp system itself would  
be very complex producing lots of niggling issues that take ages to 
iron out...as it seems that several people have successfully built such
systems surely it's best to use their implementations as opposed to 
trying to rewrite basic parts of their code for my own (inevitably 
inferior) system??? Would it really be possible in a relatively short 
period of time???...any more clues Tom would be great....

Could anyone point me towards any links/sites to give an overview of 
control flow through the C code behind pd, I'm piecing together what I 
can from the code and the way (obviously) I can see pd work through the 
GUI, but any info would be great here simply to improve my 

On a final push for more info.....the reason I wanted to pursue pd was 
firstly because it has functionality such as ffts et.c. (which I think 
STK does not) and secondly because it would have been nice to rapidly 
prototype my ideas with pd using its ready-to-use gui (so I could have 
more of a feel for what I was producing) and then having produced the 
patches I required, dispense with the gui and implement the 
functionality within a C++ app driven with my own C++ data....on the 
output side of things I'm fairly sure its possible (looking at 
portaudio for directsound) to extract the resulting information passed 
into the secondary directsound buffers for my own purposes.

On Sun, 29 Sep 2002 20:02:02 +0100 
nullpointer <nullpointer at odessadesign.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi..
> you might be better off just coding your own object based modular dsp system
> and then using that system in yr app..
> I have done this myself and it isn't as hard as it seems(in c++ using
> portaudio n midi), as the basis for most dsp objects is simple.. its the
> connectivity that can be a pain... This way though you could just use code
> from individual pd units as a starter point...?
> You just need to set up the basic dsp object template and then derive and
> use some sort of pointer system for flow and structure..
> Tom
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> > Thanks Tom/Frank/Akira Abe for your replies,
> >
> > firstly if I find any solution to life as we know it I promise I will
> > let you know...
> > My usage of pd is not music based so I'm sure I would be unwise to go
> > down the VST plugin route, the other pieces of s/w that I want to use
> > involve C/C++ APIs, interfaces implemented in a very similar way to
> > those in the DirectSound API itself, interfaces which support COM
> > objects - thus my highly windows restricted application (although it is
> > promised that COM objects will be portable in the future???)...
> > ... also my resources are limited....so I am trying (I suppose) to use
> > functional C/C++ chunks of pd that I can insert into the controlling
> > VC++ application. I don't require the GUI part of pd and therefore do
> > not want pd to run as is, possibly I could use STK more easily in this
> > fashion but pd seems to have more of what I require.
> > It seems to me that through portaudio pd is creating the DirectSound COM
> > objects, through the API, and once created surely I can use them?
> >
> > Its Sunday and I am possibly more than a little confused....
> >
> > thanks again - everything/ anything is a great help
> >
> > ps how would using Linux help me get a license for ReWire?
> > pps Jack is interesting, how do I get info on the linux interface?
> > ppps am I on the wrong list?! (pd-list not pd-dev??)
> >
> > Mandy
> >
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