[PD] Netsend outgoing Port number?

CK x at meta.lo-res.org
Wed Oct 2 00:46:33 CEST 2002

I read:
> It looks like I need to configure the D-Link manually to allow =
> communication on specific ports - it has a built-in firewall.  For =
> example: I've manually configured the D-Link to allow incoming messages =
> to Port 21 for FTP services on my server and port 80 for WWW messages, =
> etc.

weird stuff -- get a dumb hub ;)

> The D-Link interface calls this a 'trigger'.  Hence, if PD's netsend =
> (for TCP) uses port 200 for all outgoing message, then I can tell the =
> D-Link to open ports 2999-49999 for incoming messages.

I suggest you open 1024-65535 ;)
> So the question is: Which port does [netsend] use for outgoing messages?

I guess the nextbest available unprivileged port a call to the os'es socket
routines has available for it ... anyway your firewall should block/accept
packages based on _destination_ port anyway.
(and maybe source _adresses_ it's a bit hard to spoof from out-

I still don't know if I understood correctly what's going on in your setup-
Anyway I hope this helps a little ...



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