[PD] does GEM-0.87 work on win98?

chris clepper cclepper at artic.edu
Wed Oct 2 19:43:08 CEST 2002

i've used GEM on win98 before, but i don't recall if it was 0.87 or 
not.  it worked on a p2/450/nvidia setup, and the latest drivers for 
the card.  maybe it's a driver issue.  could you post some more info 
about the system and the messages?


>hello  list.
>does GEM-0.087 work under win98?
>is there anybody who used GEM-0.87 under win98 in the list?
>pd gives messages like: connection failed, can't create...
>and i can not find out what is wrong.
>btw: glut32 is installed.
>it works fine under winXP and winNT.
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