[PD] 5.1 sound/onyx vbap etc..

Pat Pagano ppagano at bellsouth.net
Fri Oct 4 14:20:16 CEST 2002

I got pd 26? i think running from Millers Site.
And we do have a PC cluster as well as the ONYX so i am hoping to figure
something out too.
I will try the vbap binary sourceforge on monday as we have SGI training
(I will ask the presenter the best solution.) As it seems now all the demos
that we have on the CAVE
simply use proximity senssors which is cool but not terribly controllable.

Yes i tried to sync the card for a while and got some nasty errors.

do you think that -asio drivers might work??

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> I am struggling with this problem myself, as I am currently designing a
> engine for a Cave and Panorama environment (8 and 5.1 sound). We are
> to cluster PC instead of SGI and the SBLives/Audigy have been
> It seems that with the current drivers it is not possible to access the
> center and subwoofer outputs seperately. Adding a second card may work,
but I
> don't know about sync. (You can _not_ sync a SBlive/Audigy card).
> With kX in Windows it is possible to use all outputs seperately, but that
> not an option here in the long run.
> I have manged to get the IRIX version of 0.35 running but I had to remove
> some of the code (the soundcard selection bit that Johannes has added) and
> run without the GUI (It is very jerky). I was really hoping that someone
> would look further into this.
> Cheers
> Soeren
> > i am wondering if it is possible to use a Soundblaster audigy card with
> > 5.1 sound with pd
> > we have one in the server for our CAVE and i am just trying to explore
> > every avenue of immersive audio
> > HAs anyone had any luck with one >> or have a commandline i might try?
> >
> > ./pd -audiooutdev 2 -outchannels 6 does not seem to work.
> >
> >
> > also
> > has anyone had any luck with pd IRIX and vbap
> >
> > i can only find an old tarball that does not seem to work even though it
> > seems to compile fine on teh ONYX
> >
> >
> > cheers~
> >
> > pat
> >
> >
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