[PD] 1.link 2.osc 3.bonk~

emanuel noresize at gmx.net
Fri Oct 4 16:19:52 CEST 2002

hi list!

3 questions:

1. i made a link that opens pd with gem and osc on win2k. i want the link to
open a file too but i get the message "open: no such file or directory" (it
is the right path)
this is what my link looks like:

D:\pd\bin\pd.exe -nodac -lib /pd/gem/Gem -lib /pd/extra/OSC

any ideas why it isn't working?

2. do you know if it's possible to communicate between flash (flosc) and pd
(osc) on one computer? it's working with 2 computers but if i try to type the
ip-adress from the same computer into flosc i don't get a connection.

3. does anyone have a bonk~ patch (for win) that is able to do all the
settings i dont understand:) and is willing to give it to me?
i'm thinking about choosing the frequency and sensibility of the incoming
audio signal or something like that...

thanx in advance


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