[PD] Call for participation on a pd-survey

Andrea Mayr amayr at zsi.at
Tue Oct 8 16:54:56 CEST 2002

Dear members of the pd list,

I'm writing to ask you to take part in an online survey which I
developed as part of a larger study on different types of virtual 
work groups carried out by the Austrian Center of Social 
Innovation (ZSI) [1].
Within this project, my role is to provide a case study on open 
source software development. Having an artistic background myself 
(I graduated from the University of Applied Arts and worked with 
various cultural projects here in Vienna[2] and NYC [3]), a deep 
interest in open source software and knowing some of the Austrian 
list members personally, looking at the pd community was a natural 
choice for my case study. I hope you don't mind this.
Over the last couple of weeks, I conducted a series of interviews
(mostly f2f) with pd'lers to get a deeper sense of the history / 
practice of the pd project. In addition to this qualitative data, 
I would like to collect some quantitative data as well. This is 
were you and the survey come in.
Please take a few minutes to look at it and fill it out :)

Survey: http://oss.zsi.at
login: pdsurvey
pw: ppddpdpp

The survey is designed to respect your privacy and will be open for
the next ten days. After that, I will analyze the data and share it
with you.
I hope my results will be also of interest to you, it might provide
you with some feed back on the dynamics/motivations of pd as a group
that might otherwise be less accessible. I hope that will be a fair 
exchange for the time that I ask you to take to fill in this survey.

If you have any further questions, please contact me directly.


[1] http://www.zsi.at
[2] http://www.femalepressure.net
[3] http://bbs.thing.net

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