[PD] Gem multimodel and pix_film glitches

Thomas Loop thomas.loop at unibas.ch
Mon Oct 14 17:21:03 CEST 2002

Hi all,

I'm having some trouble when opening models created by an L-system in pd0.35/Gem0.87 on a Win2k machine.
Apparently there are quite some vertices without faces in these files. For every vertice without a normal Gem throws a message. As I load quite some geometry (around 120 big models using multimodel) this takes a lot of time. Is this a bug or a feature? actually I don't care about orphaned vertices, as long as the geometry shows ok (which it does). Any way around it?

Also I'd like to know if it's normal that I have to stop and restart the renderer whenever I load a new set of models. The geometry doesn't show up otherwise.

A last point: has anybody gotten pix_film combined with pix_alpha up and running? The combination of both consistently crashes pd on my box.

All the best and thanks for your time,


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