[PD] ultra newbie, looking for some assistance

Mike D'Ambrogia miked at CraniumProject.org
Thu Oct 17 03:29:00 CEST 2002

What a great program -- but I can't figure out if its a thin app that has
thick feature set, or a thick app that looks & runs thin...

Stumbled across the program today after weeks of searching for something
like it, without knowing that it was pd that out there all the time.  Spent
the day going thru the help files, learning about how it works, and finding
links to various sites -- I'm still a bit overwhelmed here at the end of the
day at what it can do.  Anyhow, I'm going to use pd for a fairly simple
audio recording solution that I'm trying to put together but I'm hoping that
someone will be open to lending a consulting hand.

I've got a MOTU 24i ADC (24 ports) that I want to capture some audio out of
and save to hard disk, need to run 5+ ports simultaneously, and write .wav
files out.  I see that pd will allow me to do this, but I'd like to get a
jump start on creating the program correctly -- i.e. avoiding some bad
design mistakes, and then start extending the functionality myself as I
learn more about pd.  If there is someone on the list who would be
interested in helping me out in a paid consulting capacity please contact me
off list (miked at craniumproject.org).  This would help me get the
foundation of what I'm trying to build together quickly, with a better
design than I have the capability to develop, create a good code base, and
jump start my project.  I have a thought out project spec with flowcharts
and a narrative that I can send over to anyone interested - just need to
translate it over to pd style info...

While I did search the archive to see if this somehow violates the spirit of
the list I didn't find anything - but if it does I'll apologize in advance
for the intrusion.  Looking forward to playing the role of "the sponge" and
soaking up as much info as I can about pd going forward.

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