[PD] installation trouble... perhaps a hardware inconvenient?

Jose Manuel Berenguer jmbeal at telefonica.net
Fri Oct 18 16:51:37 CEST 2002

hi Miller

>Hi Jose,
>Any idea what chipset or brand of "mainboard"?  Maybe someone on the list

finally I know the chipset and soundcard

chip set is -was known yesterday, yet- intel D845HV. soundcard is a SoundMax!

Olaf Matthes said yesterday that this soundcards were "behaving like 
pure woodoo"...

i believe you are right, Olaf!

don't worry about possible solutions : the department coordinator 
will switch us to an other classroom with other machines!

perhaps it could be a good idea to make a list of devices, chipsets, 
cards... that has been shown they are not good enough to run PD... or 
does this exist yet?

i thank you all very much for your advises and suggestions. i've 
learned a lot this two days.

jose manuel

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