[PD] Help with MIDI communication under Windows 2000

David N G McCallum 8dngm at qlink.queensu.ca
Fri Oct 25 17:42:55 CEST 2002

	I believe there's a YAMAHA MIDI driver for win32 that communicates
through the COM port.

	I don't know any specifics, but take a look at www.ucapps.de on
the COM Port extension to the MBHP, MIDIbox, MIDIBox64. That's where I
heard it mentioned...

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On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, Martin Dupras wrote:

> Hi,
> I need to send MIDI data from a sensor-capture controller box (the MIT
> Handyboard), which is already connected to my PC on serial port 1.
> Under Irix, that used to be very simple; I would simply tell the
> computer that there was a MIDI device on serial port 1 and PD would read
> that. No such luck with Win32.
> Short of buying an external MIDI interface, is there a way to trick the
> PC into thinking that there is a MIDI interface on a serial port, and
> just read from that?
> I can imagine a more common scenario where one would connect two PCs
> together via the serial port, and trick both machine into thinking there
> are MIDI interfaces between them.
> I would have thought that otherwise I could use the 'serial' object, but
> that only seems to handle output, not input
> Any advice?
> Thanks!
> - martin

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