[PD] os x.2 (jaguar) & motu usb fastlane midi interface...

Patrick Rost prost at muttley.ucsd.edu
Mon Oct 28 19:45:17 CET 2002

hi all,

i've been trying to get cracking at miagrating all my old
midi max patches into pd, but a working interface is necessary!

i'm running a TiBook/500, usb motu fastlane w/ the beta drivers
from versiontracker (v 1.0b4)...& pd complains

[pb01:~] psnd74_% pd
-> could not open midi input device number 1: Invalid device ID.
-> could not open midi output device number 1: Invalid device ID.
using default input device number: 0
using default output device number: 1
nchan 2, flags 3, bufs 8, framesperbuf 256
PortAudio on OS X - Latency = 2048 frames, 46 msec

& upon exiting,
FWADisposeMIDIStream result = 1

the interface shows up in the Audio MIDI Setup app (Applications/Utilities)

i don't have any other midi software to test this interface with
(and pd is the reason i bought it anyway...)

any ideas, or am i doomed to just waiting some more & firing up
the mac classic, because IT does midi just fine?

Patrick T. Rost
psound at queerio.com

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