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 |Hi Ales,
 |or you use oggcast~ instead of shoutcast~. ogg/vorbis sounds much better
 |than mp3 (lame) at lower bitrates. only disadvantage is the non-existing
 |ogg player for MacOS 9 (for streaming).

speaking of which, whats the status of icecast2?
 last time i checked it was a 3 day hunt for
icecast-2.0.tgz, just to find a README containing
$ cat build/icecast-2.0/README
This is still experimental.


 |Olaf Matthes wrote:
 |> ales schrieb:
 |>>we have icecast running on woody, getting sound from pd.
 |>>all is fine, except xmms is displaying name of the stream "PureData".
 |>>is there a way to change it?
 |> Hi Ales,
 |> you can only change it in the code (right now). Have a look around line
 |> 879 in the version 0.3d code.... there you can change stream's name, URL,
 |> artist and the like.  I'll probably add a method to set this using
 |> messages (like in oggcast~). So stay tuned.
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