[PD] the mouse in GEM window

Johannes Taelman Johannes.Taelman at rug.ac.be
Wed Oct 30 17:56:15 CET 2002

On Wed, 30 Oct 2002, .:nRSz:. wrote:

> Hi
> This message has been sent month's ago, but I have 2 (hopefully simple)
> problems:

> -If I send a "cursor 0" message to gemwin I get an error (gemwin: no
> method for cursor)

I can't reproduce this error here. Are you using GEM ver 0.87?
The "cursor 0" message to gemwin works fine here (on win2k).

> -How can I set the gemwin to fullscreen? (the messages full and
> fullscreen sent to gemwin create errors)

Send "border 0" to gemwin, and "dimen 1024 768" (or whatever your
actual screen resolution is) before you send "create".
There is also a "fullscreen 1" message, but I haven't used that.

Hey, this is all documented in gemwin.pd patch!

> This one has to work tonight, I hope you have answers for me.

Shouldn't be a problem - good luck!

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