[PD] An introduction and a question

Eldad Gwetta ldg at bezeqint.net
Mon Dec 2 09:28:25 CET 2002

My name is Eldad and I'm doing my first steps in PD.
Right now I'm trying to sync PD to an external MTC (from hardware sampler),
and my question is somewhat off-topic but relevant to this mission:
Is it possible to use emagic's MT4 as a midi interface for receiving
external MTC? I'm trying to use it, and its input LED blinks when the MTC is
sent, but pd doesn't seem to receive anything. I'm pretty sure the problem
lies in the MT4 since trying the same thing with a different midi interface
(which is usually occupied for a different task) give better results (F8
messages are received at PD).
Any idea what could be the problem?


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