Fw: [PD] crossfade of complete sample buffer

Orm Finnendahl finnendahl at folkwang-hochschule.de
Mon Dec 2 16:07:30 CET 2002

Hi Thomas,

Am Montag, den 02. Dezember 2002 um 14:57:26 Uhr (+0100) schrieb
Thomas Grill:

> Hi Orm,
> > - vasp.window
> more precisely it's vasp.*window, vasp.*!window or vasp.*xwindow

Thanx a lot. Looks pretty cool. That seems to come just in the right
moment. I'm going to look into it (and vex) later today, but after a
quick glance I'm pretty sure, it's what I'm looking for.

Not knowing yet, what vasp.*window is, I guess, with vasp it is
possible to determine the size of a table/buffer, or there is a way to
tell some operations to use "all the samples" of the buffer.


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