Fw: [PD] crossfade of complete sample buffer

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Mon Dec 2 16:35:19 CET 2002

Hi Orm,

 >Not knowing yet, what vasp.*window is, I guess, with vasp it is
 >possible to determine the size of a table/buffer, or there is a way to
 >tell some operations to use "all the samples" of the buffer.

Both is possible.
The message format going into the vasp objects is (a bit simplified)

[vasp (length) buffer-name (offset) (channel) ]

which describes a reference into a buffer (array)
Elements in parantheses are optional
length... length of reference in frames (aka samples), defaults to -1, 
which means all
offset .... offset into a buffer , defaults to 0
channel... currently only for Max/MSP, channel index for interleaved 
buffers, defaults to 0

vasp.*window is an object that does a multiplication of such a vasp 
reference with a window function (for example a rising slope)

see pd/VASP-HELP.pd of the vasp package for an introduction into the 
syntax and an overview of the available objects.

best greetings,

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