[PD] chicago_pd

chris clepper cclepper at artic.edu
Tue Dec 3 00:18:10 CET 2002

there is a max group meeting tonight at 7:30pm

450 n leavitt

i've been doing lots of pd/gem demos the past few months.  it's 
definitely open to all the max variants.


>to any chicagoland, illinois, u.s.a. pd users out there --
>i am starting up a local pd users group and wish to invite all
>interested parties to join.
>currently i have established a yahoo group (i am not a fan of yahoo's
>advert/spam practices, but as a starting point it will suffice) at
>the primary goal of the group is to hold regular meetings where we shall
>discuss various pd issues and developments, present work, give/receive
>technical assistance, and collaborate on pd-driven projects.
>comments welcome.
>justin c. rounds
>{multimedia audiovisualist}
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