[PD] crossfade of complete sample buffer

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Tue Dec 3 10:26:04 CET 2002

hi Orm,

that is because ((xval * 1) + yval) * 0 is 0...

As already said, in this case math differs slightly:

$1 == xgain / ygain, $2 == ygain

Check the fixed example (ignore intermediate redrawings).

Ok, there is no vex documentation -- but I guess there are no vex
users out there -- just me and a few others here...  The main
'vexing' library has not been released yet (wonder if it ever be,
now we have vasp to play with?).  I released the 'vex' part with
no docs, because it seemed to me easy to use, nearly


Orm Finnendahl wrote:
 > trying your above example, I can't make it work. Clicking in one of
 > the two message boxes of the attached patch changes buf3 temporarily
 > to buf1, before it switches to buf2. buf3 should display buf1 on
 > receiption of )1 0] and buf2 on receiption of )0 1], right?
 > I couldn't find any documentation about vex so I'm at loss here.
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