[PD] help with line~ and commas

Guilherme Carvalho guilherme at wanadoo.fr
Wed Dec 4 20:36:11 CET 2002

Hello list,

I'd like to send a lot of pairs of numbers sequentially to line~, like I can do in Max with one single message. How do I do this in Pd if the messages arriving don't all have the same number of pairs?

Also, I have many text files containing those pairs of numbers in numbered lines. I'd like to use maphash to access them in any order, but the thing is they were written for Max's [coll] object, so there's a comma after each index. Any way I could eliminate these before sending the lines to maphash? I figured I could try something with two [textfile]s, but again I stumble on not knowing how many pairs I have in each line (and I don't want to fill every line in maphash with 0's after my last useful pair of numbers).

Any suggestions? Is there an object I'm missing in some library?

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