[PD] Syntax (was "Pack Problems")

David Sabine dave at davesabine.com
Fri Dec 6 12:26:32 CET 2002


You should probably use the "-resize" flag with [soundfiler] too.  The
attached example shows how this could be done.  Otherwise your wav files
will be snipped at the length of the array...which would be BAD unless you
already know ahead of time that all your wav files are exactly the same

Dave S

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> Okay,
>    I have finally solved my problem.  The explanation about syntax didn't
> kick in until just a few minutes ago.
> Here's what I can summarize.
> I now realize that if [soundfiler] receives "$0sample" it will see that as
> a string and therefore it would be "0sample" and that is NOT a valid array
> in this case.  Instead I have to tell it that $0sample is a symbol and not
> a string by sending "symbol" along with it.
> Cheers, and I *really* appreciate the help.  Not many other people are
> awake at 3:30 am central time :)
> -Jordan
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