[PD] Filtering, hmmm

marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
Fri Dec 6 14:30:25 CET 2002

hi matthew,
have a look at the filters of the iemlib (an external at
http://iem.kug.ac.at/~musil/iemlib/) it contains several filters with all
kind of characteristics and also FIR filters)
it is also possible to have a window with block~ 1 where samplewise delay is
there is also an object lrshift~ (in pd/extra) but i think this is rather
for camparing two signalvectors and the first/last sample is not shifted to
the next block~.
there is also z~, a samplewise delay in zexy library
and i'm shure there are a lot of other resources...

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> thanks marius, dave.  good ideas.
> just one extra thing (unrelated)
> how do you implement an FIR/IIR filter?  do you need a
> patch or is there a more direct route? also, do you have to have a
> of one sample?? for an adaptive filter it would be nice to update the
> every new sample, and also use it every sample coming in (I'm guessing
> a blocksize of, say, 64 that you only get access to the inputs every 64
> samples??)
> (hope I'm not filling everyones inbox too rapidly)
> M
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