[PD] saving patch values

David McCallum 8dngm at qlink.queensu.ca
Sun Dec 8 18:47:04 CET 2002

         What I've been doing is piping all GUI values into a table. Then 
writing the table values to a file. When I load the patch up it reads the 
file into the table, then pipes the table to the GUI objects.

         I also came up with a really messy solution of storing abstraction 
settings in the path of the parent patch, if you're interested.


At 05:38 AM 07/12/2002 +0100, gen.control wrote:
>Q: is there any "easy" way so save the values of a pd-patch ( like 
>hslider, numberbox, vdail, number etc.) into a seperate file to make 
>something like a snapshot or preset?? I know there is an object called 
>"state" in the ggee library which only works with other ggee objects. 
>something similar for all pd objects would really help a lot.
>_----_- Toby

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