[PD] 3D path plotting

david moss monokinetic at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 9 13:41:45 CET 2002

Hi list members, I am starting out with programming
some stuff in GEM. I want to have a bang trigger a 3d
path for an object. I have played around with the
spline_path examples as provided but it seems quite
laborious to create tables for paths. I am having
trouble getting my head around how a table with
figures like "0. -1. 0.5" relates to 3D positioning,
can anyone offer some ideas? 

I have seen mentioned in the pd documentation canvases
and tables with drawing functions. I guess it maybe
possible to create a table which is editable via the
canvas to set a 3d path? Anyone done this already (so
I dont reinvent the wheel!!) and if not anyone got
some ideas of how I can set this up in a pd patch???

Kind Regards in advance

Dave Moss

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