[PD] xeq tempo & playback

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Dec 9 18:25:17 CET 2002


William Fields wrote:
 > Is there a way to determine the tempo (bpm) of a MIDI file once it has been
 > loaded into xeq?  I tried sending a "tempo" message to the xeq_query object
 > with no luck.

no, there is no notion of bpm tempo in xeq-0.1.  The 'tempo'
message sets just a playback speed multiplier (as in qlist).

All the original tempi loaded from a midi file are applied during
ticks-to-ms conversion stage, but then the ``tempo map'' is

 > Also, is it possible to advance xeq playback one step (16th note or whatever
 > interval) at a time?  I can see how to jump from event to event, or how to
 > playback the whole sequence, but I can't see how to advance one "time chunk"
 > at a time.

well, in theory this is what locators are for, positioned with
'locate', and 'locafter' messages, but these are buggy and
unfinished.  If a simple method of using a [delay]->'stop' is not
enough, then you could play around with something like
'rewind, locate..., bang', 'stop, locafter..., bang', etc.


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