[PD] Re: [PD-announce] Paradiddle 0.1: a Cocoa interface for Pd

damion romero damion at poweracoustics.org
Sat Dec 14 05:29:45 CET 2002

The Paradiddle thing is really great (now if I could only get Pd to do 
anything I really want it to do) I've had some luck using it to make an 
app to control a pd patch.
It would be cool to see it be able to receive as well as send.

I need to figure out more about how to use project builder before I can 
give much valuable feedback...
It would be ideal if projectbuilder could somehow make an app that 
could run pd inside itself, without having to launch pd itself and 
could stand alone...


"I'd appreciate feedback from interested parties on where to go next. I
can imagine a variety of directions:
- auto-connect and better integration as a Pd "launcher"
- more complex "expert" modes for those already familiar with Project
Builder (not my favourite direction, but a possibility)
- receiving feedback from Pd"

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