Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Mon Dec 16 21:04:38 CET 2002

> Using Linux we have success reports of stable latency at <3ms with 10
> tracks while using this device. With 24 tracks the latency creeps up to
> <10 ms.
> My advice is to learn how to use a Linux machine and then you will have
> the best of both worlds.

Hi Patrick,
i think i know how to use it - and i've been using it for some time, for
installations and concerts.
However, it's not the best choice for all of my (and possibly other
people's) stuff...
And above all, why not trying to improve the Windows ASIO port of PD as
I've done some tests with pure PortAudio programs and i can say now that
it's not the reason for PD's latency - i could achieve latencies down to 3
ms with 18 channels I/O with my RME HDSP under Windows.
Concerning the cpu consumption... PortAudio is partly involved in it -
there's some copying of signal vectors which eats up about 10% of cpu for 18
channels IO on my PIII-800.

best greetings,

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