[PD] latency w/o asio

Soren Bovbjerg sb at cvmt.dk
Wed Dec 18 15:00:23 CET 2002

If you are using Soundblaster Live or Audigy cards you should use the 
ASIO driver from www.kxproject.com (wdm/ASIO driver). The sample rate 
must be set to 48khz, which is the internal rate of these cards.


> I'm trying to prepare a concert to show Pd to multimedia students. I 
> just checked what machines I'll have for that and it seems no one has an 
> asio driver for the sound card (all SoundBlasters, I gather). So 
> evidently the latency is up to 200ms or so. Any chance to reduce that 
> without asio? What cards do have asio drivers, and are they easy 
> (cheap) to come by?

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