[PD] Re: Pd Termina hijack?

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Fri Dec 20 00:41:48 CET 2002


My first suspicion is that you might have changed a default 
somewhere--your default terminal is launching pd instead of your shell. 
It's a fun trick to use with a specific terminal setting, but annoying 
as a default.

Look at the menu Terminal -> Preferences...
Does the first option say, "When creating a new Terminal window... 
Execute the default login shell"? It should be selected. A weaker 
possibility is that you're opening a saved .term file when you 

If those don't work, feel free to email me off-list.


On Thursday, December 19, 2002, at 11:26 PM, damion romero wrote:

> Adam,
> Here's an interesting one...
> I used the PD installer for OSX and had no problems with it, but now...
> This may be something I did, but I can't figure it out..
> When I launch the Terminal.app and/or open any shell, alI get is the 
> Wish Shell PD launch.
> I can't use the Terminal for anything but PD.
> Anybody else have this problem?
> Damion

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