[PD] external's struct question/ convolution question

Jeffrey Hildebrand jshildebrand at ucdavis.edu
Fri Dec 20 15:11:12 CET 2002

    In a convolution thingie I'm working on, I'm storing "overlap" in the 
external's struct. Will this data be saved until I write over it? I need 
some direction in understanding the flow of how an external works. I've 
found that the very beginning of my external code doesn't get read again 
once the external code starts working. Other than that I don't really 
know what's going on in Pd. 

    To be more precise, when I change HRTFs then I always get a CLICK. 
For those of you who understand the overlap-and-add method, what I do is 
store the overlap of the previous HRTF and then add it to the next block 
of convolved coefficients. I'm having a hard time debugging this and 
finding the source of the click. For instance if I leave the location of 
the source sound the same, then there are NO clicks and the audio is 
perfectly smooth. I'm using the sliders to change location; one for 
azimuth and one for elevation. Any help/ideas is much appreciated!


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