[PD] gem0.87/cvs> gemwin=segfault

dmotd dmotd at subdimension.com
Sun Dec 29 15:07:55 CET 2002

hallo all..

  i have managed to compile gem without any issues on a linux2.4.3 i686
  machine running mandrake8.1.. the gem library loads fine at startup:
    GEM: IOhannes m zmoelnig
    GEM: ver: 0.87+cvs
    GEM: compiled: Dec 20 2002

  however as soon as i make the gemwin object pd breaks:
    pd_gui: pd process exited
    Segmentation fault

  the other gem objects appear to load/run fine (but is rather difficult
  to tell without a gemwindow!)

  this is the first version of gem that has actually compiled and loaded
  on this system////  has anyone managed to correctly install gem with
  mandrake linux???

  i am running the following prereq libs:
    mesa	3.4.1
    GLUT 	3.7.0
    tiff 	libtiff3-3.5.5
    freetype	1.3.1
    gltt	2.5.2
    jpeg        libjpeg62-6b
  (both the mesa and glut demos work fine)


  ps.. is anyone testing out the first offcial release of demudi..
  any pd related thoughts/comments?

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