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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Dec 30 23:51:14 CET 2002

jfm3 hat gesagt: // jfm3 wrote:

> Me.

Ah, yes, now I remember. :( It was someone with "j", but not

> Or you can report the links as broken using the web interface.

Thomas Grill already mailed me and showed me the "Modifiy" link on the
Details page, that I missed.  This may be the better way. I tried the
broken link button, but with that I couldn't tell anyone of the
correct links. Probably it's already there, and I missed it, too, but
I think a "Contact the admins" mailto link for pure-data.org would be

> I want to replace pure-data.org with a simpler bulletin board system
> that just reports news and gives users forums to type at, and doesn't
> maintain any sort of database of links to pure data externals. I think
> there are better mechanisms for cataloging the externals than what
> pure-data.org has, namely the pure data base and CVS repository at
> sf.net. 

The pure-data base would be a great place, but I think, pd.sf.net
should only report on the externals in the CVS. I did start a simple
page for that now. I could try to make that more automatic, as do web
development somehow professionally,  but I fell in love with the
Webware python application server, and this doesn't run on Sourceforge
unfourtunatly. And developing outside Webware, outside my code
repository is too much work for me than I have time to spare.

> At the same time as I write this, I have a huge amount of work
> in front of me, so I don't know when I'll get to implement my
> pure-data.org ideas. :(  But, if some long term strategy of yours
> depends on the downloads section of pure-data.org for some strange
> reason, please know that it may go away in 2003.

I don't depend on it, but there still is interest from time to time in
some abstractions by me, notably the old pdx7, and most people find it
through pure-data.org and then ask me, where to download it. 

To me, this shows how well accepted pd.org is in general. It simply is
the most general pd-site there is, IMO, and it has the coolest domain

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