[PD] emi 2|6 multichannel output under oss

pix pix at test.at
Thu Jan 2 22:16:07 CET 2003

hi there,

i have the emi 2|6 usb audio device, it is a usb device with multichannel
(6) output. for a while, there has been a driver in the linux kernel that
uploads the firmware, but there was a problem in that the oss usb audio
driver could only handle stereo output. this has since been remedied with
a patch (not sure if it has been applied to the kernel yet, email me and
i'll find it if you are interested), and it is now possible to use all 6
channels. this works for me in programs like xine, for playing 5.1 encoded
dvds. in pd however, when using the -outchannels option to select 6
channels, i just get stereo output, and when i try to use channels 3,4,5
or 6, it just adds a kind of high pitched screeching to the first two

i thought it would work the same way the rme oss driver works?

maybe i'll look into this myself, but i thought i'd pop a mail about it
incase anyone else has any ideas.


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