[PD] Re: [PD-ot] MIDI not working

André Schmidt andre at vju-tv.net
Sat Jan 4 12:34:55 CET 2003

hi roman,

1. click "start" on the windows task bar and select "ausführen" (i assume 
you got german windows)
2. type "cmd" (stands for commandline) and click ok
3. now there comes a "dos prompt" window and there you can use the 
commanline options of PD
4. navigate to the PD/BIN directory (where "pd.exe" is)
5. type "pd -?" to see all commanline options of PD
6. and then use like "pd -mididev 1 -noaudio" etc...

another way for starting PD (batch files)
1. create a file named "start-pd.bat" in PD/BIN folder (the name of the 
file is not important, but the extension ".BAT" is VERY important!)
2. edit the .BAT file with notepad or any other ascii text editor
3. then type the commands you want to use in that file. in first example: 
"pd.exe -mididev 1 -noaudio"
4. save the file and now you can start pd on doubleclicking that .bat file

if you need more newbie help, feel free to mail me personally...

for you midi problem cant help much, while i never had one :)


At 23:44 03/01/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>i can't use midi with pd (IN and OUT).
>Error message:"midiInOpen: MMSYSTEM002 Eine der verwendeten Geräte-IDs 
>liegt ausserhalb des zulässigen Bereichs Ihres Systems."
>I have a M-Audio Audiphile 2496 Soundcard.
>Is that a known problem?
>How can I change the the audio-buffersize? Do I have to type something 
>into the commandline?
>Where is the commandline?
>Thanks for helping
>Gesendet von 
>Weihnachts-Einkäufe ohne Stress! 
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