flext-iiwu MacOSX (was: Re: [PD] several patches on one machine?)

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Tue Jan 7 15:15:48 CET 2003

I was able to experiment on a clean machine. The tarball has everything
you need. Run pd (from the directory where you unpacked it) with:
  pd -path flext-iiwu/pd-darwin flext-iiwu/pd/fiiwu~.pd

And load your sound font. Thanks for pointing out a nifty external, and
thanks to Frank for providing it.

To everyone else, sorry about the extra traffic. It was mostly from being
unclear in last night's knackered post.

Adam Lindsay said this at Tue, 7 Jan 2003 13:17:55 +0000:

>Oops. *I* may have spoke too soon, and ignored a dynamic library.
>David, just to be sure, you *have* tried it with the binary tucked away
>in the pd-darwin directory?
>I believe david casal said this around Tue, 7 Jan 2003:
>>On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, Adam Lindsay wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>> However, getting iiwu to compile and tracking down MidiShare was much
>>> more difficult.
>>Well, turns out I spoke too soon. If I'm correct here, flext-iiwu wants
>>iiwusynth compiled, which wants midishare? I downloaded the OSX packages
>>from GRAME's website and installed, but I can't see a libmidishare.so
>>anywwhere, and the only midishare.h (which 'configure' in iiwusynth-0.2.2
>>seems to look for) is in the MidiShare Development tools package, in
>>C/C++/include folder. Even when I put that in system paths like
>>/usr/include or /usr/local, it iiwusynth won't configure with midishare
>>Hints? Which version of iiwusynth did you compile? (or am I missing
>>something here, and I don't really need to do any of this)
>>(now missing debian-world)
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