[PD] Best windows version for PD

Jonathan Gage chimera at darkscape.net
Wed Jan 8 16:20:34 CET 2003

I've been been running PD under linux, and have developed a few patches
which are entirely MIDI based. Upon loading them in windows (XP) I noticed
that XP seems to have enormous troubles with timing. If I set up a simple
metro object and have it trigger a click via midi the result is all over the
place, the timing is horrible "click           click click   click". I admit
I am using the crappy gameport Midi out on my SBLive, however under linux
the timing seems quite solid from the same device. I was wondering if
Windows 2000 might do a better job, does PD in general run better under
2000? Would my problem be solved if i bought a real midi interface, or is it
an OS related issue as I expect...?

Thanks in advance,


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