[PD] 2 things

tigital tigital at mac.com
Tue Jan 7 20:26:07 CET 2003

>first of all i've made a 'concept implementation'
>of GEM based on the SDL lib (since i met the freej
>programmer some days ago and we were talking about
>possible interaction) - works yet is terribly
>unfinished (no events etc. yet got rid of X
>programming, fullscreen mode works but not
>available in last build). anyone interested in
>that? please send me a mail. only affects linux in
>the moment.
hi martin,

...good idea:  when I did the OS X port, I thought about doing it via 
SDL, but went with native support in the end...I don't know that it 
would help existing implementations, but I think gridflow has some 
sdl support, so maybe it'd help to get gridflow and gem to work 
together (if desired?)...

...at any rate, I love sdl!


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