[PD] possible bugs?

Guilherme Carvalho guilherme at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jan 9 01:25:09 CET 2003

Hello list,

I've been adding stuff to Pd (on WinMe) and I've noticed some things I need help with:

- [filterbank~] and [formant~] make my Pd crash (just writing them)

- my help file for [bilge] is actually a fragment of the help file for [choice]. Does anyone have the good help file?

- right-clicking for 'Help' on any abstraction (e.g. hilbert~) opens /doc/5.reference/canvas.pd, which is a help file for [table]. Is there a way to tell Pd there are help files for abstractions? (and why do I land on the [table]-help?)

And a real newbie question: once I have the dll's and stuff in the right places, can I safely get rid of the .c, .h, etc. files? This is just to clean up my folders.

Thanks again,
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