[PD] cpu load question

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Jan 11 10:46:02 CET 2003

Pall Thayer hat gesagt: // Pall Thayer wrote:

> Funny you should respond, I also have two buzz~ objects in the patch.

Ah, buzz~ *can* eat a lot of CPU, because it's not very efficient, it
calls sin() directly 2 times each dsp cycle. But this should normally
be okay, unless you put a lot, say more than about 5 buzz~es into your
patch, depending on the host CPU. But you probably already tested
removing the buzz~ or replacing with phasor or such? 

> Anyway, here's the evil cpu-eating patch. Yes it's a mess, it looks like it
> wouldn't even patch a bike tire but hey, it does the job.

Well, you start with -nogui anyways, don't you? 

Looking at and running your patch, I can't see what's wrong. Here, on
a Athlon 900 MHz it doesn't eat CPU at all, so it seems. I don't have
the flashserver. I rellay don't see anything suspicious ;(

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