[PD] installing on OSX

Alex from idoia alex at idoia.com
Mon Jan 13 12:11:55 CET 2003

I am a Max user converted into a Pd one.
However, I have some difficulties to make it work on my Mac OS 10.2
I have followed the documentation and managed to start up pd. But when I
launch the documentation from the menu help or when I try to open a file
from the file menu, it outputs an error window saying for example:
Error: bad directory "/Applications/pd-0.36-0/bin/../doc"
And it is impossible to open anything.
also, it seems to run slowly when I draw some patches.
Any ideas where that may come from ?
Something I do wrong ?
PS: my tcl/tk version is Tcl 8.4a4 & Tk 8.4a4, I know there is a newer
version but that is the only one I manage to install as describe in the pd

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