[PD] [GEM] particle lib problems

IOhannes zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Mon Jan 13 12:15:10 CET 2003

CK wrote:
> hi,
> so it seems that the whole particle lib is kind of fscked up, on my
> setup, deleting the references to pDamp.. turned out to reveal similar
> errors for most p* functions, removing them all makes gem load, (no
> particle subsystem obviously) now I'm testing if the rest works.
> regards,

simpler: recompile the auxlibs with your gcc-3.2
then it should work (however, my problem always turned out to be with 
the libttf, so i didn't manage to compile and run Gem under gcc-3.x 
anyone really succeeded ?


> x

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