[PD] Drawing in tables?

Dupras, Martin Martin.Dupras at uwe.ac.uk
Tue Jan 14 17:56:33 CET 2003

I'm just spent several weeks teaching PD and ran into many 
questions that I could not answer at all.

1) in what cases is a table drawable? I thought previously 
that it depended on the resolution of the array, but 
apparently not. I can sometimes draw in a table that 
contains 65000, but sometimes not. Can someone explain?

2) in the arrays examples, there are some messages that can 
be sent, such as sinesum and cosinesum, to fill a table. 
Are there any others? I could not find any. If there aren't 
any others why is that, is that from lack of need or 
because of a particular difficulty in implementing such 
things? I'm thinking in particular that something like the 
gen routines in Csound would be invaluable.

3) I have never used the text editor in PD, and a student 
asked me what it was for. Looking at it, I realised that I 
don't have a clue either. It certainly does not do what I 
thought it would. Anyone care to explain what can be done 
with it?


- martin

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